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We need a new generation of methods and tools for businesses that support a future that is flourishing.

Ondine Hogeboom
Co-founder Flourishing Startups

The Flourishing Startup Method

The Flourishing Startup Method (FSM) is a rigorous approach to regenerative business model design. It describes the scaffolding required to design flourishing business models and calls out core elements missing from current business/startup development, support, curriculum and training. 


FSM also describes the next-generation entrepreneurial competencies necessary for flourishing business design and the learning environments required for entrepreneurs to build these competencies. 

FSM was first published in a white paper entitled “Lean Startup and its Application in the Social Impact Sector” in 2015. Since then, the method has been tested with over 1000 entrepreneurs globally; of course, we have learned a lot!


Join our founder, Ondine Hogeboom, in a live webinar where she will share our latest research insights, lessons learned, and promising approaches to implementing the Flourishing Startup Method and how it benefits entrepreneurs and the enterprises they are designing. 

Join our webinar

The Flourishing
Business Canvas

The Flourishing Business Canvas provides a systematic business model design framework to collaboratively engage with the ever-increasing complexity of the world. It is a visual design tool enabling the development of socially beneficial, environmentally regenerative and financially viable business models.

Thousands of individuals and organizations have used it from around the world.


The FBC provides a common language to collaboratively sketch, prototype, design, improve, communicate, understand, measure, diagnose, simulate and tell compelling stories about the business of the future: flourishing businesses.

The Flourishing Business Model Canvas

For more information on the Flourishing Business Canvas join the Flourishing Business Community


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