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If the Lean Start-up and Business Model Canvas is old school/high school, the flourishing start-up method and 
flourishing business canvas is post-growth/post-secondary.

Petra Kassun-Mutch
Women’s entrepreneurship influencer and
 award-winning serial social entrepreneur

The Enabler Journey

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 Join our free webinar on the Flourishing Startup Method for Enablers

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Get a Micro-Certificate in Flourishing Business Model Design 

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License our Flourishing Startup  Program for your accelerator / incubator

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Join the Flourishing Startups Community of Practice

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Book us for: 
consulting, facilitation,
speaking engagements &

At Flourishing Startups, we take a co-creative partnership approach to all of our work. This approach creates more meaningful and deep engagement in transferring the knowledge of the content and meeting all of our partner's needs and outcomes.


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